Federal Mogul Powertrain Automotive Inc. & Federal Mogul İzmit Piston and Pin Production Facilities Inc. & Federal Mogul Foreign Trade Inc. as our aim; is to ensure the security of all forms of information assets, locations and processes used in the performance of company activities, taking into account the principles of confidentiality, integrity and accessibility.

In order to achieve this goal, all employees and all parties within the scope must at least comply with the following principles;

To act in compliance with corporate information security policies, standards and procedures, to inform the Information Security Manager in case of lack of training on Information Security,

To convey the change suggestions regarding the security procedures and policies to the Senior Management Representative through the Unit Security Manager,

To ensure that the information assets they are responsible for are protected in the most appropriate way,

Reporting all suspected / observed security violations to the department managers or Information Security Manager,

Participating in the ISMS committee meetings when necessary, conveying information and needs on the subjects they are responsible for,

To ensure the confidentiality of the information belonging to the institution in personal and electronic communication and information exchanges with third parties,

Backing up the information it processes according to its criticality levels,

Not transmitting in-house information resources (announcements, documents, etc.) to third parties without authorization, ensuring that the subcontractor accepts compliance with the information security policy in cases where it is required to be transmitted to subcontractors,

Institution information resources, T.C. not to use it for activities contrary to the laws and related regulations.

As the management of the institution, I declare that the implementation and control of the “Information Security Policy” and the enforcement of the necessary sanctions in case of security violations are supported by the management.